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The NOOK Sensory is an innovative sensory pod, designed to offer a quiet and calm environment.  The NOOK Sensory is also a Certified Autism Resource, and also helps with ADHD, and Dyslexia individuals.  They are highly customizable, and available with a large list of options, to fit any environment.  The pods can be used in educational, library, office, restaurants, or any environment needing individual and quieter space options.

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NOOK Sensory Pod

  • Ships K/D (Assembly Required)
  • Certified Autism Resource
  • Designed to influence a positive mood, and calming, low anxiety environment.
  • Helps with Autistic, ADHD, social and emotional needs individuals, by providing Precise color spectrum selection
    and light intensity controls in combination with tactile starlight carpet, and soothing vibration seating,
    to produce an encapsulated environment.
  • All include heavy-duty casters
  • Sensory Nook Ultra Violet – Includes a fully controllable calming or stimulating effect, interactive infinity tunnel and LED light tube, fiber optic tails with UV color enhancement support, starlight fiber optic carpet fitted to the wall, mirror panel, Lilac colored vinyl padded floor.
  • Sensory Nook Escape – Includes a padded vinyl base with gentle vibration, UV calming lighting, twinkle fiber optic carpet on walls, retractable privacy screen, Bluetooth sound system, UV enhanced fiber optic tails.
  • Sensory Nook Inclusive – Offers a fully immersible mini multisensory room.  It includes LED color change lighting, a Bluetooth sound system, twinkling fiber optic carpeting, scent and air circulation system, a single seat with gentle vibration, interactive LED light tube with remote control, mirror panel.
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