The impact of seating on student learning

January 10, 2024

  When it comes to creating an ideal learning environment, one cannot underestimate the importance of seating. Traditional classroom furniture may provide stability, but they often fail to take into account the dynamic needs of students. Studies have shown that seating options, such as bean bags, can have a significant impact on student learning. Firstly,…

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Lead Times Are Increasing

May 26, 2017

DON’T WAIT! Lead times are extending for summer 2017 We have seen many yearly increases for summertime orders. Over the past three years these lead times, in some cases, have went from 6-8 weeks to 10-12 weeks. We believe this is because of the low inventory for certain manufacturers. These same manufacturers, in the past,…

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Collaboration Using Furniture on Wheels

December 19, 2016

Whether a desk or chair is on wheels, collaboration seems to work best when students can move freely throughout the classroom. The old style of collaboration was thought to have four students sitting in four chairs at a table collaborating on a particular project. After the project was worked on, then the collaboration was thought…

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Virco Zuma Rocker Chair

May 7, 2015

The Virco Zuma Rocker chair has now become one of the most popular school chairs on our website,and in classrooms across the country.  Why?  Because it is helping classrooms, and other educational settings evolve, by giving kids the ability to focus better.  Kids sometimes have a hard time paying attention, and lets face it, we…

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Collaborative Space

February 4, 2015

Many schools are transforming their media centers into collaborative spaces. While working this past Summer in four school districts, we found each district to have the same collaborative concept, but the end results were different. The general concept was being able to allow students to work as a group on a specific project, or break…

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Modular Furniture

June 12, 2014

Modular Furniture Will Help You Accommodate Any Space! Modular furniture is becoming more and more popular for library, lounge, and reception furniture settings.  Because it can be arranged to fit the changing needs of each environment, as the video shows, it reduces the need to constantly buy new furniture.  Modular furniture comes in a large…

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