Collaborative Space

Many schools are transforming their media centers into collaborative spaces. While working this past Summer in four school districts, we found each district to have the same collaborative concept, but the end results were different. The general concept was being able to allow students to work as a group on a specific project, or break off and work individually. For this to work, each school district needed to understand the furniture that worked best for their particular setting. We found there had to be a combination of furniture, such as mobile tables and chairs, couches and loveseats. This allows for not only collaborative learning, but comfortable areas for 1 to 1 groups, and individuals, as well.

Here is a list of some of the collaborative setting furniture that can be used, many of which were used in the following setting we created.

– Mobile, pneumatic height chairs and tables
– Folding & nesting tables
– Modular chairs and tables
– Furniture with power up capabilities
– Sled-base lounge furniture for easier mobility


As you can see in the examples, we had to include almost everything in the list above, to achieve this schools collaborative setting.  The majority of the items featured in the photos are manufactured by KI (Krueger International).

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